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Balloon in a Box

Birthday Balloon in a Box with Personal Message

Sure, you can send flowers--but they're allergic to pollen.  And there's always chocolate...but quarantine's been unkind, and we could all spare a few extra calories.

Introducing the new Balloon in a Box from Pop Royalty--a unique, different and ultra-personalized way to mark a special occasion.

The 20" crystal clear, perfectly round bubble balloon is made of durable, non-latex material and designed to last for up to 5 days.  Each bubble is stuffed with a sprinkling of confetti and decked out with a handmade tissue paper tassel and a gift tag that we'll write a brief note to the recipient on.

But the best part is the message.  Say whatever you want... uncensored.  Honestly, we don't give a sh*t. Be sweet, be salty, be sentimental--be REAL!

Your sister had a baby? Welcome to the world little one!

Your co-worker got engaged?  Congrats on that monster rock, he's a keeper!

You're dumping your boyfriend after 4 months in isolation with him?  Quarantine's over and so are we, dude!

Ok, that might be going too far...but hey, we're not judging you, feel your feelings.

Here's the scoop on your Balloon-in-a-Box

  • Same day delivery included in 10514, 10549 and 10570.  Additional fees apply to other areas.
  • Do not use sharp objects to open the package--I'm telling you, you'll regret it and I will say I told you so.
  • Each personalized balloon is thoroughly inspected for defects or leaks. We package it so carefully you'd think we were holding a newborn baby for the first time. It is delivered by hand on the day that you specify, the same day that it's inflated.
  • Balloon life expectancy can vary widely based on weather, temperature and if you bash it around like a volleyball.  (Don't.)  You can expect your balloon to live for 3-5 days, and sometimes up to a week.
  • Once the balloon is delivered, we are no longer responsible for it's well-being. We are unable to offer refunds, but if you suspect a true defect in your balloon (and you absolutely swear that you didn't use a sharp object to open it) we can issue a replacement.
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