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Cupcake Soaps in Box

Nectar Bath Treats Cupcake Soaps
In stock

Our cupcake soaps looks and smell like real cupcakes, and make getting clean a sweeter bath experience! Each is topped with real sprinkles and whipped shea soap frosting.  Each comes perfectly packaged and ready for gifting!

Our cupcake soap frosting contains coconut oil, palm oil, and safflower oil, which moisturizes and softens skin. Coconut Oil also creates a bubbly lather with effective cleansing properties. We use RSPO Certified sustainable Palm Oil in our cupcake frosting. Safflower Oil is good for locking in moisture, and it is particularly good for sensitive skin. 

Our cupcake base contains glycerin, which draws in moisture from the environment giving you long-lasting hydrated skin. 

The cupcake colors come from nature-identical mica. Our micas are identical to mica found in nature, however they do not contain any metal impurities, like lead, that’s found in naturally occurring mica. 


Run your cupcake soap under warm water to remove the liner. Then rub and scrub the soap with a loofah or between wet hands, creating a rich and creamy lather. Use the lather from head to toe and rinse with warm water for squeaky clean skin worth raving over!